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My Perfect Kitchen


Perfect Style,   Perfect Function,   Perfect Ease.


At Multikitchens, we believe in making dreams come true. We do it by applying the correct philosophy great design, function and quality at affordable prices. Careful planning is the key to creating a new kitchen that lives up to your dreams and expectation.


Tips to plan your kitchen.

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Services available:


We come out to your home for a site inspection for absolutely free of charge and a estimate is given on the site for your new kitchen.

We supply fully specified drawings including plan, elevation and perspective views together with thorough fully detailed specifications for your designs or ours. 


3D Computer modeling of design concepts for client viewing and approval is just another part of our service.


Our comprehensive showrooms located at convenient locations are available to facilitate client selection and approval of finishes, colours and hardware products.


With over 20 years of experience in kitchen and cabinetry design and manufacture we have the design capability to assist with correct appliance placement within the design as well as layout ergonomics thereby avoiding design flaws.

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